Leading Rialto Forward!

Ed Palmer
FMR Two-term Rialto Councilmember

Leadership with Integrity

As a 58-year Rialto resident and dedicated family man, Ed has a very personal stake in keeping Rialto strong and prosperous for generations to come. He brings not just dedication, but proven leadership earned over decades of service to our families and businesses.

  • Vietnam era Marine
  • Two-term Rialto councilmember
  • Owner of a local law practice
  • Former Rialto City prosecutor
  • Former County Judge Pro Tem

“Our leaders must be accountable to the people they serve. I’ve been honored to represent our families and businesses fairly and transparently on City Council. I’m running for Mayor to get us back on track and ensure a stronger future.”

Ed Palmer, FMR Two-term Rialto Councilmember

A Stronger Rialto

Ed Palmer is ready to lead Rialto to a more prosperous future.

Support our businesses and workers
with a safe, common sense approach to reopening

Keeping safety and security priority #1
by supporting Police and Fire with first-rate training, equipment and resources

Cutting back the red tape
and streamlining City regulations, departments and services

Incentivizing companies
to hire and manufacture locally

Promoting smart growth,
quality housing and sustainable development

Building stronger partnerships
to enhance youth mentoring, after-school programs and job training

Thoughtful, experienced, accountable…

That is the type of leadership we have come to expect from former two-term Rialto councilmember Ed Palmer. A 58-year resident, dedicated family man and experienced City prosecutor and local businessman, Ed has the depth of experience and integrity need in the Mayor’s office. As a fighter for Rialto’s families and businesses, Ed has worked hard to:

  • Add good paying jobs and increase City revenue with business-friendly practices
  • Safeguard our neighborhoods by supporting Police and Fire with the resources they need to protect our homes and businesses
  • Improve infrastructure and reduce wasteful spending with stricter competitive bidding procedures for City projects
  • Provide fiscally responsible leadership
  • Lead us out of the Great Recession and get us back on track
  • Increase accountability and transparency in Rialto City government

“I know how Rialto City government works and I know how to find practical solutions to our difficult problems. I am ready to make tough decisions and get Rialto back to work.”

Ed Palmer, FMR Two-term Rialto Councilmember

Thoughtful.  Experienced.  Responsible.  Proven.





Vote for Ed Palmer

November 3, 2020